covid-19 Information

As of Feb 5, 2021


In-person listing appointments and showings are allowed. Open houses are not allowed at this time. Residential showings, walk-throughs, inspections, and other events that occur within a home are governed by the residential “two-household” rule.

Practices for Sellers Permitting Showings.

• Sellers may not be present during showings.

• Prior to any scheduled showing, Sellers should turn on all lights and leave interior doors, drapes and blinds open. This will ensure that anyone entering the home will not need to touch light switches/doorknobs.

• Prior to and after any showing, Sellers should clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, handles, light switches and countertops.


Practices for Buyers During Showings

• Buyers and agents must wear masks.

• Buyers cannot bring anyone to the showing who is not in their household.

• Buyers attending showings should meet their agents at the property and wait in their car for the agent to arrive.

• Buyers should not touch any surfaces in the property. Buyers should not turn off lights or close interior doors. An agent and their buyer clients should not share phones, pens, tablets etc.

• Buyers are encouraged to wear gloves while viewing a home. Buyers should use hand sanitizer immediately prior to entering the home and upon exiting prior to getting into their car.

• Buyers are encouraged minimize the time physically present at a home.

Additional mitigation measures we are taking:

1. Limiting in-person showings to potential buyers who have been pre-approved for financing.

2. Use photographs and video walkthroughs on listings to help buyers narrow down their housing needs and wants prior to any in-person showings.

3. No overlapping showing appointments.

4. Using video calls and e-signatures for documents.

Video walkthroughs